We have been known for our fun filled, adventure holiday youth camps in Western Australia for over 50 years.

They have been significant in the lives of many people by helping shape and grow their faith. Camps are often where lifelong friendships are formed, and a love and respect for nature deepens.

Who runs the camps?

Our Summer Camp for January 2022 will be run at the Serpentine Camping Centre, and facilitated by the Claremont Baptist Church.

As always, camps rely on the enthusiasm and energy of a group of volunteer leaders with a love of adventure, and a passion for building into the lives of young people.


The Summer camp for 2022 will be run at the Serpentine Camping Centre.


Our upcoming Summer Camp will cater for school students from Year 7 to 9.


The camp will run from the 4th January to the 7th January 2022 from 10am to 10am.


Register by following the link at https://bit.ly/3jCTHCk

Upcoming camps

Winter 2022

Date:To be announced!

The camps are operated from a Christian basis and aim to help children and young people develop their faith and what it means to follow Jesus in their lives and world. This happens primarily through meetings, worship, Bible talks, and discussions in small groups.

Camps are full of age appropriate activities and events aimed at providing the campers with a great camp full of fun, activities, and opportunities to build friendships.


45 minutes from Perth.
180+ beds.
Exclusive use fully catered site.


Bushland and beachside.
250+ beds.
Self catering options.